Appropriate technical protection of corporate informational resources is an integral component of the complex system to provide the information security and facilitates the minimization of available information risks. Technical information protection provides for the set of actions to protect the information against the unauthorized access  including that via technical channels, and also against the special treatments for destruction, distortion or access lock.  
Scope of Technical Protection: 
  • Prevention the intruders from access to information sources  for the purposes to destroy, unauthorized removal and change of information, 
  • Protection the data medium from its destruction as a result of diverse effects, 
  • Prevention the information leak via various technical channels.
Technical Protection Project Implementation Principles: 
  • Continuity of information security in time or space, continued readiness of protection systems to meet threats on the set security level, 
  • Multi-zone and multi-frontier protection setting the information arrangement of various value in the enclosed areas with the controlled level of security, 
  • Effectiveness determining the concentration of efforts to prevent the hazards for the most useful information, 
  • Integration of various systems within the frameworks of the unified information environment and generation of integrated safety system, 
  • Engineering of the centralized security service.
GreenRise offers the following services for the technical information protection:
  • Conceptual design of information security,
  • development, production, maintenance service of information protection equipment including that containing state secrets,
  • development, production, and service maintenance of technical facilities for data leak channel search.