Construction and installation works are the most long-term and complicated stages of deployment of telecommunication and control systems in the context of organization. This includes the following:
  • operating planning of construction, scheduling of performance of works,
  • optimization of design, technological, qualitative and cost performances,
  • control over construction budget according to the approved estimate,
  • procurement of material, technical and human resources for construction,
  • delivery of required structures, materials and accessories to the construction site,
  • construction and installation works,
  • labor and environment safety, and fire protection for the construction and installation works,
  • control of performance of works according to the general contractor agreements and sub-contract agreements,
  • performance of obligations for general contractors services, works, and obligations to the Customer as provided for by agreements;
  • taking over the material responsibility by the General Contractor for meeting of deadlines and quality compliance;
  • commissioning works,
  • plant handover to the acceptance commission,
  • assumption and execution of guarantee obligations.
The Green Rise’s specialists are highly skilled and experienced for successful execution of all stages for work production and apply maximum efforts to timely commission the construction facilities.