Fdelete v.1.0 GR program is designed for guaranteed file deleting.
Delivery set
  1.      Disc (CD) - 1 pc.
  2.      Passport - 1 pc. 
This program operates without preliminary system installation and setup. To enable this program to work it is necessary to run the Fdelete.exe file. 
Technical Specification
PC: Minimum P500Mhz, RAM -32Mb, CD-ROM.
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7.
Program interface
Purpose of elements:
 Select File – selection and addition of file(s) into a List of Files for Deletion. 
 Select Folder – selection and addition of file directory and/or the whole disc into a list of files into a List of Files for deletion.
  Delete from List – deletion of specified element from the List of Files for Deletion. It is necessary to click the mouse on the file, which is necessary to delete, in the List and press the key ‘Delete from the List.’
  Clear List - clearance of the List of Files for Deletion. After pressing the key all files from the List will be deleted.
  Delete - running the task of guaranteed deletion.
  Exit – exit the program.
   Fdelete v.1.0 is a primary window of the program.
   About the program – information about the program.
   List of Files for Removal - this window has a list of files prepared for deletion. 
Rules for deletion of file(s)
 1. Press ‘Select File’ key to add file/files necessary to delete. Maximum size of the file to be deleted shall not exceed 2 Gb. Added file shall not be used by other applications during starting the guarantee deletion process.
 2. Press ‘Delete’ to run the task of guaranteed deletion of file(s).
Rules for deletion of directories/local disks
1. Press the key ‘Select Folder’ to add the directories necessary for deletion. The directories subject to deletion shall not contain file(s) of size exceeding 2 Gb.     
2. Press the key ‘Delete’ to run the task of guaranteed deletion of file(s).