General Guidelines 
Noise generator ГШ-К-1000 SLOT GR is intended for masking the side electromagnetic radiation of personal computers, workstationы of computer networks and complexes at the computer facilities of the first, second and third category by generation and emission of the noise of electromagnetic field (NEMF) within the в broadbands.
Technical Specifications: 

Working frequency range, MHz


Quality factor of NEMF




Consumption current, mA, no more than


Error-free running period, h


Service period, years


Technical operating life, h


 - generator panel, mm





Delivery set:
  • Generator panel with the radiating antenna ……1 pc.
  • Passport……………………………………………………………1 pc.
General guidelines for installation and operation 
After removing the generator from the package make yourself sure by external examination the lack of defects, breakage during ransportation and verify the complete set.
Operating procedure
1. Installation of the generator into the computer shall be carried out according to the folowing procedure:
  • Switch the computer off from the 220 V network,
  • Open the computer lid,
  • Insert the generator board into one of free slots on a computer motherboard after preliminary taking  the radiating antenna out through the relevant window on the computer backboard,
  • Close the computer lid,
  • Switch the computer on.
2. Under normal generator operating conditions, the light indicators must be observed. Normal generator operating conditions shall be set up for no ggreater than 10 s. In case of  abnormal situation  (indicator lights faild and the alarm sounding) one should knock off the computer until the reasons for generator operating trouble are discovered.
3. During the generator operation it is recommended to carry out the periodic (ones a week)  functioning test. For this purpose press the button of the generator board that will result in generation failuire. At that, the indicator must go out and the audible alarm must be given simulteneously.